feather star.JPG (28852 bytes)

Feather Star

New-17.JPG (29865 bytes)

Custom Label

Enid.JPG (9135 bytes)

Jupiter Florida

enid-1.JPG (9956 bytes)

Jupiter Florida

P1010175.JPG (89274 bytes)

North Judson Indiana

P1010179.JPG (72345 bytes)

Custom Label

back.JPG (99134 bytes)

Back of Fence Rail

dragon.JPG (183585 bytes)

North Judson Indiana

dragona.JPG (161125 bytes)

This is Her Second Quilt

dragonb.JPG (164535 bytes)


houserulesa.JPG (105795 bytes)

This one is mine

Aa.JPG (18542 bytes)

Embroidery Blocks

log cabinJPG.JPG (202997 bytes)

Pahrump Nevada

TULIP5.JPG (34358 bytes)

Detroit Michigan

P7020025.JPG (11027 bytes)

Detroit Mi

jungle.JPG (255127 bytes)

Pahrump Nevada

junglea.JPG (236775 bytes)


stars2.JPG (77629 bytes)



Knox Indiana

pinapple.JPG (236262 bytes)

Russiaville  Indiana

watercolor.JPG (151511 bytes)

Vero Beach Florida


liberty bell 2.JPG (131898 bytes)

This one is mine.  It is in a picture frame.  

curtains2.JPG (21870 bytes)

My Christmas Curtains

basket 4a.JPG (4789 bytes)

Detroit Michigan


medaryville3.JPG (204443 bytes)

Medaryville Indiana

medaryvlle5.JPG (116845 bytes)

Sesquicentennial Quilt


medaryville.JPG (229909 bytes)

Now hanging in the Medaryville Indiana Town Museum


New-3.JPG (14441 bytes)

Made by my one and only male quilter

wpe2.jpg (232472 bytes)

Embroidered Magnets

libby.JPG (9034 bytes)

I made this one for my grand daughter.  I hand dyed the fabric and the buttons are from the collections of her great Grandmothers

wpe18.jpg (30082 bytes)

Embroidered Paper Dolls

wpe1.jpg (20813 bytes)

Crumb Quilt Label for my Daughters little Doxie Dog

wpeA.jpg (25113 bytes)

Crumb Quilt

wpeF.jpg (44135 bytes)

Scrappy Snowball North Judson IN

retro.JPG (10138 bytes)

Avoca  MI 

karenJPG.JPG (12453 bytes)

Avoca MI

rose.JPG (25636 bytes)

Jupiter FL

New-4.JPG (29051 bytes)

These are embroidery blocks from

New-14.JPG (35047 bytes)

a quilt I made for my X-sister in-law to

New-13.JPG (34737 bytes)

 keep her warm during Chemo treatments for Breast Cancer