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Quilting $______

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Miscellaneous $_______

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TOTAL  $_________

Use the chart and the price list From the services and fees page to figure your cost.

Thread: white____ecru____black______color______________________

Batting: high loft____Hobbs 80/20____Hobbs Cotton_______  poly____own_______

Do your want me to bind and finish your quilt? Yes____No_______

Binding Fabric Included? Yes_____No_____

Do you want your quilt trimmed and ready for binding?


May we use photos of your finished quilt on our web site? Yes___No__

Please mark the head of your quilt or wall hanging

I have discussed the quilting plan and above charges with Gloria Byers and fully understand and agree with them.

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 Thank you for allowing me to complete your project.

 The quality of your finished quilt can only be reflective of the quality of the quilt top you send me.

Please Note: Although I am happy and qualified to give you suggestions  guidance in choosing the quilting designs and thread colors for your quilt, in the end, the choices you make are yours. It is my job to execute those choices to the best of my professional ability. I am a quilter, but unfortunately, not a mind reader, so if you leave the choices up to me, please understand that YOU have made THAT choice. My responsibility begins and ends with the quality of my workmanship."

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