NEW  Photos 2005

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Russiaville  IN  2005

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Russiaville IN  2005

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Newtown PA

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Newtown  PA

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When  you come to Grammy's farm you can be sure you will be riding horses baling hay and making a quilt.

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     Josalynn, age 16                my Grand Daughter,  Zephyrhills Florida

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I had the best summer vacation on the farm 2005

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Hollie   age 16                 2005    Dade City Florida. 

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I came to the farm with Josalynn this summer and here is my quilt to prove it.

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I had never used a sewing   machine before.

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Preprinted practice quilt

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McTavishing  2005

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Close Up

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My new Purses

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Fall Purse

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Little Purse

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Jane  Vero Beach FL

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Before Quilting

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Hand cross stitch 

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LeeAnne   Logansport IN

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Double Wedding Ring by me

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