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The Southern Thunder

By Donnerkeil out of 

Southerlin Americana  (ASB)

May 2003

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Colt    foaled 5/27/02    By Donnerkeil  OSB-A-S288 by Graditz out of Atara Sapphira   ORB-A-M2015  by Butow

Filly foaled 5/29/02  By Donnerkeil  OSB-A-S288 by Graditz out of Sugar (Han/Trak/TB)


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Heftig Donner by Donnerkeil out of Hostess

Colt Foaled 7/27/01

For Sale

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June 2003



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April 2004

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June 2003

AKA  Tigger

TIgger has to half brothers that are doing big things in the show world

follow the hyperlink to see their show records

Show Records

 In Loving Memory of 

Nova  by Donnerkeil out of Nickelodeon  By Martini

Foaled 4/21/01 

bred by Ann Simpson  Provo GA.  (A.I.)

Lost to West Niles Virus  June 2003

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2001 Filly and Colt by Donnerkeil Out of Percheron Mares

Bred by Carl Hites DVM

Foaled 5/16

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Diva    (yearling)



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Foaled 4/28

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Dually (yearling)


2001 Filly

Foaled April 26, 2001

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DonnerWetter  Age 1

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18 Months

AKA Stormy  by Donnerkeil out of Sugar (Han/Trak/TB)



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Indy Dressage Classic. Descartes'  2nd in 2yr-old Colts and Geldings,  Reserve Champion Colt. 

Judge  Willian Solyntjes     Score was 73.7.

Descartes  2001 Show Record


by Donnerkeil out of Madam Chancellor (Arab)

foaled 7/22/00

Bred by Mary Dezelski 

Barn Name:  Whiley

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Descartes was a star today at his first horse show. 10/07/00 age 2 1/2mo.  2nd Place Weanlings

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2nd place yearling colts      8/18/01



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1999 Gelding  by Donnerkeil out of  Penny (Percheron/Saddlebred Mare)

Bred by Carl Hites DVM  now living in Georgia

"Joint Venture"  Under Saddle and headed for a career in Dressage


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2nd Place

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Our First Show

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Now lives in Iowa

Show Results 

Hallelujah by Donnerkeil out of Hostess by Postillion  Filly
Foaled April 7 1999

Holly's web page.

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Now lives in Grand Blanc, MI

by Donnerkeil out of Marrianne by Morganglanz

Foaled July 4, 1999


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Unnamed colt

by Donnerkeil out of  Penny (Percheron/Saddlebred Mare)

Foaled 3/28/00

Bred by C. Hites D.V.M.


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January 2001

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Yearling Halter  2nd Place

Now lives in Lake Village, IN

DonnerTaenzer (Colt) by Donnerkeil out of Sugar (Han-Trak-TB) Foaled 4/7/00

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8/18/01  2 yr. old  Colts and Geldings  1st Place 

Getting ready for his class


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Now lives in Traverse City MI

Himmlische Donnerwolke  (Filly)

by Donnerkeil out of Hostess  (Imported Trakehner)

Foaled 7/7/00


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